Comparative Literature Studies

This interdisciplinary minor analyzes literature from different time periods, across national and linguistic boundaries and focuses on aspects of literature that a national approach might ignore or not be equipped to treat properly. Examining literature within an international context constitutes an important dimension to the study of literature.

What Can You Do with a Minor in Comparative Literature?

Improve your writing skills and increase your economic prospects. The study of literature will help you hone your writing and analytic skills. No other skills will expand your prospects more than these two crucial skills.

Give you a leg up in the global economy. As regional economies become increasingly connected to the global economy, businesses need employees who are knowledgeable about other cultures. The Comparative Literature program, which examines through literature the values, life experiences, and beliefs of people from other cultures, will help you acquire these increasingly prized abilities.

Enhance your career potential by broadening your knowledge base and skill set. A liberal arts education teaches you how to think in different ways, which will serve you well in the workplace. Contrary to popular belief, businesses like employees who are literature majors because they bring problem solving skills and perspectives on issues that business majors can't bring. If you combine a science, business, or social science major with a minor in Comparative Literature, you will strengthen your long-term career prospects.

Deepen your knowledge of human experience and life.